2021-6 Randax develops new slow-speed pump motor for Pentair

For several years, Randax Oy has been a supplier of unique PM motor solutions for its customer Pentair. Randax motors are used for slow-speed Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis Fish Friendly Pumps and Turbines.  

The Pentair branch in Winterswijk (The Netherlands) specializes in designing, producing, and maintaining tailor-made pumps and pump systems. A wide variety of pumps and controls serve multiple markets, including water supply, sewage handling, flood control, hydropower, desalination, agriculture, irrigation, and fire protection.

In 2020, Randax developed a new slow-speed pump motor model to meet Pentair’s high-quality standards and requirements for reliability. The new motor type is flange-mounted, air-cooled, 90 kW power and has a maximum speed of 190 rpm. As usual, Randax tailored all interfaces and connection points to meet the customers’ requirements. The end-user chose the color of the motor and it got a refreshing yellow coating!

In December 2020, the motors were successfully tested at Randax premises in Oulu, Finland. The first two motors have already been installed and commissioned in a pumping station in The Netherlands.   

    Motor testing at Randax factory in December 2020        

     Randax PM Motors installed in pumping station

Randax Ltd design and manufacture advanced permanent magnet motors and generators, as well as electric drive systems for industrial equipment manufacturers.

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