2021-7 New development of 700 kW booster pump motor for dredging vessels.

For several years, Randax Oy has been a developer and supplier of unique PM motor solutions to Marotechniek B.V. (https://www.marotechniek.nl/en/), Randax customer and partner in the Netherlands.  

Together with Marotechniek Randax Ltd has developed new motor type to work as booster pump motor in dredging vessels. Motor is air-cooled with nominal power of 700kW and working on speed range of 680 – 770 rpm. Primary advantages of this direct driven high-efficiency Randax PM motor for this application are the extremely low weight and compact size. Randax PM motor is around half of the size and weight compared to conventional induction motor which has been used earlier in dredgers. Operating environment for the motor is also very demanding, so it has been built by premium quality materials to withstand harsh conditions.  

New motor type was developed already during the 2020 and first unit was delivered on October 2020. Marotechniek installed the motor to dredging vessel built by TV Dredging B.V. shipyard in Werkendam, Netherlands. In February 2021, the motor was successfully tested on board by Marotecniek and TV Dredging. Same month vessel was handed over to end user Hoftijzer B.V. in Aalten, Netherlands. Vessel named to “Geertje”, was sent over to its first site right away and it has been working on site for last five months.    

Direct driven high-efficiency Randax PM Motor 700kW@680rpm

   Dredging vessel Geertje under testing on Feb 2021         

On board motor testing at shipyard premises

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