2024-6 Testing facilities upgrade: In-house testing at up to 2 MW

Sähkö-Rantek, the owner and manufacturing partner of Randax has invested in a new electric machine testing field which is capable of testing electrical machines at up to 2 MW / 690 V back to back, including Randax PM machines. The name of this project is “Development of the production of electric motors”, and it is co-funded by the European Union. Accurate and reliable motor testing is a critical part of the development of motor production and motor design as well.

In the testing field consists of an ABB ACS 880 multidrive with two inverters and a Trafotec power transformer to step the voltage up to 690 V. Measurements are handled by a high end measuring system from Dewesoft. The size of the motor testing platform is 4,2 m x 1,8 m, serviced by a 2 x 25 T crane. The enables testing of large motors. All electric motors built by Sähkö-Rantek or Randax will be tested here.

Testing services are available for both companies’ clients and partners. The construction of the testing facility upgrade is well underway and we will closely follow and keep posting progress updates. Here are some samples of the status at the moment.

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