Randax Oy

No limitations – only solutions – together

Randax is founded 2006 to develop and commercialize new type electric motors. Randax idea is to design and sale best performance electric motors with permanent magnet technology.

We cooperate with the leading research institutions in the field. Close cooperation in R&D enables continuous product development, the use of the latest technologies on the market, and the performance of testing and pilot projects in actual equipment operating environments. We can offer flexibility to design and make tailored motors to customer specific needs.

Randax is spinoff from Sähkö-Rantek Oy and Sähkö-Rantek is our manufacturing partner. Our partnerships combine latest manufacturing technology with over three decades experience manufacturing high quality products experience. Both companies have same family owners.

Contact Us:

Kimmo Huurinainen
Product Development / Sales
Tel. +358 44 734 6227

Kalle Holappa
Production Manager / Purchasing
Tel. +358 44 734 6311

Berend Muis
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & UK
Tel. +31 6 22 40 75 74 ‌berend.muis@randax.fi