“We design and manufacture advanced permanent magnet motors and generators, as well as electric drive systems for industrial equipment manufacturers.”

Randax® motors are tailored for customer needs. Their amazing, alterable structure allows them to be integrated into the driven equipment. This improves energy efficiency, reduces the equipment’s size and provides the customer with the freedom to design and develop its equipment. Integrated and tailored for customer needs, Randax® motors allow the customer to focus on the efficiency of the overall process without being limited by the equipment’s components. Our long experience in the sector and extended cooperation with research institutions ensure the continuous development of our products and expertise.


Incorporating a Randax® motor provides an equipment manufacturer and designer with numerous benefits, such as energy efficiency, operational reliability and freedom in equipment design!

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Our products include permanent magnet motors and generators tailored for customer needs. In every case, our machines are designed and manufactured according to customer needs and are ideally suited to a range of purposes and conditions.

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